Spinach: Friends. Fun. Legendary Cannabis

A brand with bright colours and lots of flavour, these products are each better together, always and forever. Spinach is for all the fun that only happens with friends.

Offering flower, pre-rolls, vapes and edibles, Spinach has plenty to offer. Wiith top selling lines, 

Spinach FEELZ, which offers the perfect blend of terpenes, THC, CBD, and rare cannabinoids designed to deliver dialed-in experiences, and Spinach SOURS, which are Imaginative and delicious edibles made to delight the senses, Spinach goals is to provide consumers with the right high for the right moment.

Spinach products are perfect for sharing with friends and experiencing many edible flavours together, from cherry-lime, blueraspberry-watermelon, peach-melon, strawberry mango and pre-roll favourite’s like “White Widow” and “Rock Star Kush”, there is a product for everyone at Spinach.

Come and explore the Spinach brand at your Marley Natural store, grow closer by the experiences you share, and the moments made a little more epic whenever there’s legendary cannabis to go around.